Position Scientific Software Developer

Company Roche Diagnostics Mannheim

Timeframe 01.2021 – 07.2021

Technologies R, R-Shiny, MongoDB

At Roche Diagnostics GmbH Mannheim, a leading company in the field of healthcare and diagnostics, I played a key role in a major project. The company specializes in the development of innovative diagnostic solutions. In my position, I contributed to the development of a tool to facilitate the creation of a new diagnostic method.

The tool I developed enabled the efficient collection and visualization of measurement data, which significantly accelerated the development process of the diagnostic method. The project relied on agile methods, using SCRUM for project management and tools such as Confluence and JIRA for collaboration and tracking.

In terms of software development, technologies such as R-Shiny, Jenkins and AWS EC2 were used, demonstrating a commitment to cutting-edge solutions. The database infrastructure was supported by MongoDB to ensure a robust and scalable storage solution for the project.