Position Co-Founder / CTO

Company Keepoala GmbH

Timeframe 07.2020 – now

Link https://www.keepoala.com

Technologies React, React Native, Gitlab CI-CD, Google Firebase, AWS ECS

Keepoala is the first app that tries to avoid returns in two ways. Customers who avoid returns are rewarded via a loyalty program. A returns portal is used to ask customers why they have returned items. These insights are merged with various data connections of the online stores in one system. On a dashboard, the store can then see why returns occur and can use a wide range of adjustments to avoid this.

Technically, Keepoala consists of 16 pieces of software, including an iOS and an Android app, several WebApps in ReactJS that run in AWS ECS and AWS EC2 systems, R-Shiny apps for data analysis and NodeJS backends for connecting various logistics companies.

B2B customers include happybrush, VRESH, steinehelden.de and others.