Here is some interesting thing I thought people going to the US might like. Because I didn’t manage to fulfill my Vine Diary in France I’m going to have this Burger Diary in the US right now.

Burger 1 - Krystal Burgers

name Double Big Angus Bacon Cheese
restaurant Krystal Burgers
dollar 6.99 $ – Combo
thumb Actually, this burger is really good. It comes with some chilies on top and a lot of fries. I really liked that there wasn’t too much bacon on it. The cheese was actually nothing like delicious. Sauce was good though. Compared to German burgers it’s still really good. 3.5/5 points ****


name Burger
restaurant North Avenue Dinging Hall
dollar 10.55 $ – Whole buffet entry
thumb The North Avenue Dining Hall belongs to the Georgia Institute of Technology and is one of the best food courts we have there. Multiple recipes are available and also a burger. It’s kind of a standard burger which you can combine with different vegetables. It’s ok. 2/5 points **

Flip Burger

name Lambburger – Lettuche
restaurant Flip Burger
dollar 12 $ Burger – 17 $ Combo
thumb The best burger I had by now is the Lambburger from Flip Burger. The restaurant is really nice and has a great interior. The burger had an interesting sauce and great vegetables. Also the Farmers is really good here. Fries are the best, too. 5/5 points *****

Homemade Burger

name My HomeMade Kroger Burger
restaurant Sebastian Wolf
dollar 3.50 $ Burger
thumb I made this Burger myself by taking buns from Kroger and also the meat. I added fresh onions, Cucumber and Tomato. The sauce is made of Kroger Ketchup and Mustard. Lettuce are Endive from the Farmers market. Actually a kind of ok burger. 3/5 points ***

Arbys Smokehouse Brisket

name Smokehouse Brisket
restaurant Arbys
dollar 7.49 $ Combo
thumb This is a limited time offer from Arbys. It’s a well made delicious Burger with these fancy frise that come with it. Actually it’s a bit too much of everything and too less meat that comes on it. 3.5/5 points ****

Yeah Burger

name Bison Burger Protein Style
restaurant Yeah Burgers
dollar 12.99-16.99 $ Combo
thumb This Burger is made of just organic ingredients. The patty was a Bison patty which is really really good. Also dried tomatos were nice. The fries are more like ok. Yeah Burger is a fancy place to hang out and enjoy life. Just because of the high price I have to lower my ranking. 4.5/5 points *****

Wendys Burger

name Portabella MeltonBroch Double
restaurant Wendy’s
dollar 8.49 $ (Combo)
thumb This burger is so weird. It has a lot of mushrooms on top and the sauce is actually disgusting. The meat is good though. That’s why it reached more than 0 points. 1/5 points *

AMC Cinema Burger

name Steakhouse Rib Burger
restaurant AMC Fork & Screen
dollar 12.99 $ (Sandwich + Fries)
thumb Watching a movie and eating a burger is a really nice combination. But this burger was huge and had a really good meat. I couldn’t really see it because it’s dark in a theatre 😉 But with mustard it had a really good taste. 4/5 points ****

2013-12-26 20.45.07

name C.B.S. Burger
restaurant Buckhead Diner
dollar 16.00 $ (Sandwich + Fries)
thumb The place where we got that burger is a really cool oldschool american Diner. The burger is more or less standard, even if the fries here are really good and it comes with a special bun. 3.5/5 points ****

2013-12-28 15.22.41

name Double House Burger
restaurant Ann’s Snack Bar
dollar 10.95 $ (Combo)
thumb This is really the cooles Burger Place in Atlanta and you will talk and talk and talk to your friends about this place. The old woman Ann is behind the counter and enjoys all her guests who of course have no problem to wait for a burger for 30-40 minutes. The burgers are fresh, tasty, oldschool and big! I love it. 5/5 points *****

Ricky T Rib Steak

name Ricky Ts Famous Prime Rib Sandwich
restaurant Ricky Ts Treasure Island, Florida
dollar 12.49 $ (Sandwich + Fries)
thumb The Ricky Ts is a place you have to visit at Treasure Island Florida. You can meet everybody who’s here and have a chit chat at the bar. But the Rib Sandwich is just full of meat and has no special taste. It’s ok. 3/5 points ***

Vortex Burger

name Holy Guacamole Burger
restaurant Vortex Burger
dollar 10.25 $ (Sandwich + Fries)
thumb A Guacamole Burger is a nice idea. Also the burger had a really nice medium rare consistence and it was big! So this is the plus side. Fries and Buns were more on the average side, so just 4 Points. 4/5 points ****

Vortex Burger

name Double Checkerburger with Cheese
restaurant Checkers
dollar 6.69 $ (Large Combo)
thumb Checkers does not really do good fries or put anything special on the burger. But this patty is awesome. It really tastes like beef and the sauce that comes with it makes it a good experience for being just fastfood. 3/5 points ***

Public Savannah Burger

name Philly Savannah Burger
restaurant Public Bar&Kitchen Savannah
dollar 12.49$ (Sandwich + Chips/Salad)
thumb Public Bar&Kitchen is a fancy place in Savannah. Located near the Hilton Hotel it attracts all kinds of people from young to old. The have a really nice bar and an interesting menu. My burger was pretty dry and the buns were not good either. That’s why the rating is so low. 2.5/5 points ***


name Navajo Burger
dollar 11.99$ (just Sandwich)
thumb The Cameron Trading Post is a nice point to start to the Grand Canyon if you need a place to stay. This burger is made with a typical Navajo Bread, this makes it interesting and delicious. 4/5 points ****

2014-03-09 18.51.11

name Hamburger
restaurant Perrys Cafe
dollar 9.99$ (just Sandwich)
thumb Perrys Cafe is directly at the beach of Santa Monica, CA. By this the place is really nice. The burger offered is a pretty good handmade burger, nothing special. It tasted good. 3.5/5 points ****

2014-03-07 19.06.34

name Charburger
restaurant Habit Santa Barbara
dollar 2.95$ (just Sandwich)
thumb Wow. The best burger for that price ever. The patty is good and the salad really fresh. I even liked the buns, they look really good. I loved especially the freshness and the nice sauce 4.5/5 points ****

2014-03-06 14.14.22

name Double Burger – Protein Style + Pickles + Animal Fries
restaurant IN N OUT BURGERS
dollar 6.95$ Combo (Animal Fries extra 2$)
thumb Never ever I could have done this blog without IN’N’OUT Burgers. They make the freshest and nicest Burger ever PLUS they have these crazy animal fries made with burger sauce and roasted onions.  4.5/5 points ****