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3D GPS data animation – virtually climb the Alps

Using the amazing package rayshader I wanted to render a video of my tour to Alpe d’Huez. Now I created an R package that can use any GPX file and […]


The fastest cyclists of Europe live in …

Analyzing STRAVA data to find out which city has the faster cyclists with R and R-shiny. My contribution to the shiny contest. STRAVA is one of the most popular fitness tracking apps. […]


Tutorial: An app in R shiny visualizing biopsy data — in a pharmaceutical company

Learn how to build a shiny app for the visualization of clustering results. The app helps to better identify patient data samples, e.g. during a clinical study. This tutorial is a […]


Music listener statistics:’s last.year as an R package

When starting analyzing scrobbles with the last.week and last.year function I was always missing some plots or a pure data table. That is why I developed the package “analyzelastfm” […]


Very shiny holidays

How would I miss to program just a little bit during the holiday season? But I didn’t want to work on something serious, so I decided to checkout some ground […]