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Tutorial: An app in R shiny visualizing biopsy data — in a pharmaceutical company

Learn how to build a shiny app for the visualization of clustering results. The app helps to better identify patient data samples, e.g. during a clinical study. This tutorial is a […]


RTest: pretty testing of R packages

The specflow and for R. Enabling non-coders to interpret test reports for R-packages, moreover allowing non-coders to create test cases. A step towards simple r package validation. Table of contents […]


Music listener statistics:’s last.year as an R package

When starting analyzing scrobbles with the last.week and last.year function I was always missing some plots or a pure data table. That is why I developed the package “analyzelastfm” […]


Very shiny holidays

How would I miss to program just a little bit during the holiday season? But I didn’t want to work on something serious, so I decided to checkout some ground […]


Interesting packages taken from R/Pharma

A few month ago I joined the R/Pharma conference in Cambridge, MA. As a take away I thought of my project and how I can improve, with solutions others provided. […]


Why do we need human readable tests for a programming language?

Software can save lifes! — R and Python programming language rank in the Top10 of programming languages today. Both languages come out of open-source and research environments and are now moving into the industry. Testing […]


7 easy steps to custom inputs in shiny

A step by step guide on how to include custom inputs into R Shiny. This guide is going through an example of a custom input build from jQuery. After the […]


How to get people R ready in an hour — Thor’s Hammer

Use Thor’s hammer to get data scientists ready to work faster than you ever thought. Welcome to your new office! Let’s take a look into your computer with your supervisor […]